Rome - May 14, 2014: School of Athens, Renaissance fresco by Raphael in Stanze di Raffaello, Vatican Museum, Italy. Aristotle and Plato among other philosophers in the center of the famous painting.


Are you looking to fill the gaps you missed in your formal education? TAN courses brings you insightful lecture courses from some of the greatest Catholic minds, who have been bulwarks of Catholic education at leading universities. You can feel relieved knowing that TAN Courses are 100% faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

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Saints with a Past-Craughwell

Saints with a Past: A Study of Conversion in the Lives of Eight Notorious Sinners

Taught by Thomas J. Craughwell

How bad can you be and still become a saint? The short answer is: Pretty awful, thoroughly wicked, even. With Professor Thomas J. Craughwell, you'll meet an outlaw, an anti-pope, an embezzler, a con-artist, two fallen women, and two mass murderers who, for most of their lives, were as far as possible from sanctity and holiness.

Public Square-Birzer

Catholics in the Public Square: A Study in Conflict and Influence

Bradley Birzer, Ph.D.

The intersection between church and state has always been a sticking point for Americans, especially for those in public office. During recent election cycles, we've witnessed spiritual compromise by self-described Catholic politicians and the attack of popular media against socially conservative candidates. This year, the tension between church and state came to a head with the major confrontation between the Catholic Bishops and the Obama administration over policy decisions.

Dr. Bradley Birzer reaches deep into American history to present a study of the conflict between Catholics, the Church, and the federal government. The Founding Fathers made it clear they believed that personal religion had everything to do with politics - but somewhere in our country's history we've lost that understanding.

Seven Myths-Wiker

Seven Myths about the Catholic Church and Science: A Refutation of Popular Errors

Taught by Benjamin Wiker, Ph.D.

In Seven Myths about the Catholic Church and Science, Dr. Benjamin Wiker dispels the most common and persistent confusions about the relationship between the Faith and scientific inquiry. All too often, this relationship is presented - in the popular media and even in history books - as if it is a war, an endless battle between superstition and the forces of light and reason.

Quite to the contrary, Professor Wiker proves the truth is that the Church is and always has been the great friend, patron and protector of science. Certainly, the Church is not a flatterer, but she is a friend nonetheless. The so-called "war" waged against science is merely the Church's efforts to steer its flock away from scientific theories that, however attractive and popular they may be, ultimately undermine natural and supernatural truths, undermine morality, and undermine science itself.

St Peters-Kirby

A Tour of Saint Peter’s Square and Basilica: Exploring the History and Beauty of the Heart of Rome

Rev. Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, S.T.D., S.T.L.

In this course, Father Kirby takes a look at the history and artwork of St. Peter's Square and Basilica through the light of faith. This comprehensive tour explains why St. Peter's Basilica was significant to the early Christians, and why it is still significant today.

Just as the ancient pilgrims exclaimed, “Ecco Roma” (Latin for “Behold Rome”), so too does this course begin with wonder at beholding the Eternal City. Aside from visiting Italy in person, this tour will take you as close as possible to experiencing the splendor of Rome, Vatican City, and St. Peter’s Square.


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"The first law of history is to dread uttering a falsehood; the next is not to fear stating the truth; lastly, the historian's writings should be open to no suspicion of partiality or animosity."

Pope Leo XIII

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